Tuesday, June 12, 2018

new record, upcoming shows

Yo there folx!
Thought it was about time to post some shit for those of you who still care at all to check this blog.
At least I have big news to announce. We have a split record out with Zerum.

Again, a joint effort of many different labels made it possible and I wanna thank them all here again for their help. You can get copies from us, or any of the labels who were participating or maybe even from your local distro.
We are playing a few shows in the upcoming days, come by if you happen to live/be close to the following locations:
13.06.2018. Sub, Graz (austria)
14.06.2018.SF Mini, Olomouc (czech rep)
15.06.2018. Warsztat, Krakow (poland)
16.06.2018. Pulawska, Warszawa (poland)

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