Tuesday, December 8, 2015

it was about time to give a sign of life, i guess...simply for the few of you who might care.
anyways, since the last time we posted here something we changed our rehearsalroom, kept on working on new songs, played a few shows. in fact, last weekend we played in austria and croatia and we had good times there. thanks for everyone involved in the organisation of those gigs, Zadar punx and Zagreb/Medika punx.
we ain't that active of a band anymore,  people often ask me wether we still exist or not. well, yeah..we do. we gig occasionally and we write new songs and planning on releasing new stuffs and even touring as soon as possible. we have constant changes going on in our private lives, keeping us busier than ever and letting us less time for doing the band. however we will play one more time this year: on friday there is a show in Budapest with a couple of bands (including Strafplanet a RRD project) and with hopefully many of you coming.
11/12/2015 Tiszta Gyász fest

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