Sunday, August 26, 2012

back in town! next show!

Just in a few lines:
Tour was great as usual. (This time no long tour diary however....)
The whole thing started with some heat waves pushing us down ahead through Temerin (great many people, short tyrannicide and RRD sets due to continuing troubles with police), Struga (a beautiful crowded holiday town where we were treat with great food, crazy venue with people appreciating the two bands efforts; late night swimming, morning bridge jumpings, happy mood) to Tyrnavos (beautiful and cosy environment, with a lot of dedicated people setting up a really "professional" diy festival with great attitude, audience, food and mood; here we also did some small excursions on our day off) from where other hot winds sent us back to Hungary through Kumanovo (bernay's propaganda folks attending our show, wardhill and our friends Left In Ruins, just like in Tyrnavos sharing stage with us, chilling in town, succesfully avoiding parking penalties, great bands and great mood, fake money etc)  Zemun (warm welcome, very friendly environment, really beautiful club with great sound and an even better soundguy, mroning caffe on boat and chillin in danube at zemun Lido) and Sombor (friendly small town with small authentic bar, many young people, warm atmoshpere, crazy stories). During this tour we met a lot of amazing people, got to know a bit with cool local diy communities, friendly & dedicated promoters, nice venues and beautiful countries & cultures. It was a blast that almost everyday we managed to get a decent swim in some, river, canal, lake or in sea. We had a nice little crew in the van, missing our dearest elliott, of course, and being the first time for Ócsi and Zsolt with us on the road. Hope each one of us has enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Our dr of first choice, dr Slayer has given us the opportunity to play the second time with norwegian La Casa Phantom. Come and see the show!
La Casa Phantom // Human Error // Think Again // Rivers Run Dry
19/ October/ 2012          Budapest- Szabad Az Á

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