Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rivers Run Dry//Tyrannicicde __tour report part 1

I don’t know when and why, but somehow we agreed to do a south-european tour this autumn. We had played in  Slovenia, Croatia and even in Italy before, but that was all our experience in the mediterraenean region and now we were planning a two week long tour through croatia, italy, france, spain, portugal and switzerland, germany (as much as you can call them southern-european countries the lattest).  Tyrannicide from the netherlands joined us on this trip, thus we were 8 and had Gabi playing in both of the bands. We started the tour with a kick-off show at the rehearsal rooms in Óbuda, where Brackets Closed and Astpai from austria played too. Twas nice to see Zock again! New Dead Project, Tyrannicide and the above mentioned  two austrian bands played that night (NDP had to play last…bad luck and sorry for them). Tyrannicide played an energetic set and I knew that it wass gonna be better from day to day. We were also cool I guess, again with 3 guitars...that’s always a bit more fun than as a 4 piece…
Goin to bed late, waking up early. Taking the van loading it..what a pain int he ass activity..It’s always the same…wondering how so much stuff could enter the van, being late etc… And then we left for croatia. We had a list with instruments and their reg number an expired passport and an old type identity card. That’s how we wanted to enter croatia..and strangely, there was no real problem with these personal documents, but with the instruments..Those damn fucking bastards kept on saying we
should have asked for this document called ata carnet, however i am not quite sure about that and anyways some of us already had experience of not being lett o enter to croatia though having that shitty document. So a really huge fuck you to all the custom (also some border) officers I had to talk to (i don’t care if it was your fuckin boss telling us to turn back or you just followed orders…cause then you are a pathetic  puppet), to all the assholes who were enjoying their superior status and a gigantic fuck off to the the head of the custom office at the last border where we tried entering to the country. Last but not least a huge sorry to Leo and everyone who were helping out with the organization of that show, sorry to the support band and everyone who wnated to see/hear us that night.
We ended up sleeping in Trieste at Igor’s place. He is the guy who was on tour with us last december and in 2009 autumn. At least, it was good to see him and squat his flat, share stupid jokes, listen to crazy music and check his newest treasures from the trash…
Hanging out in Trieste is always fun, but we were all pretty eager to play our first show on the tour, so we left in time and took the highway and some national roads to get to Villamontagna…One of the most beautiful and craziest places we have ever played so far. This small town is close to Trento, which is a city in the Alps, and the venue was a shed int he mountain barbecue/picnic area..To get there was noit easy, ask the tyres and the clutch plus the engine of our van..hehe. But the party was great, friendly people, cosy environment and really good shows. I gotta say that all bands were cool that night. Both of us enjoyed playing there and seemed that some people appreciated our music, message, performance…I also loved how people were dancing to every single band. Of course, being in Italy, we got delicious food and our host Olly was super nice too. Waking up, coffe, strudel and chillin in the morning, adoring the beautiful view felt so great. Nevertheless we got some annoying news too: namely that our show in Padova (the smae day) was cancelled. We tried to fix something last minute, but didn’t manage. So we stayed at Olly’s and went to do some sightseeing in Trento…That was super nice too, hangin out in a beautiful city, lickin ice-cream and eatin pizza      ruled that day. Next day we brought Olly to his working place and off we were heading to Nice, in France. Breakfast, secondary roads, nice views to lake Garda, the Ligurian sea and the beautiful mountais on its shore and stupid conversations made our trip just more exciting. Then there we were in Nice city centre in a small street at Bar Tapas. One of the guys at the bar was afraid the neighbours would complain about the noise so we made it extra low which meant we couldn’t really hear ourselves because of the drums. Anyways, some 30 people (most of them representing totally different subcultures) showed up and head banged to Tyrannicide and supposedly to Rivers Run Dry too. Local band played grindish death metal and were nice folks. Unfortunately there was not enough time for the last support band, because the bar wanted to close pretty ealry. Then sleeping at Cedric’s. He was the promoter and was really cool…Me and slayer took our pills against nervous breakdown and idiocy and then down we were on the ground knocked and sleeping.
Barcelona our next destination. Again some morning food hunting and gathering and then on the road we were. All the way through Cote d’Azure to the Pyrennees arriving to Barcelona, waiting Miki to appear and let him bring us to the place. It was nice to meet friends. Miki sings forBarcelona band Amenaca and we had played some shows together, while Manu, the other promoter, is also a funny guy who was living in Amsterdam with Gabi for a while. Anyways, huge squat, friendly environment, good food (some of us tasting meat, by accident..hehe) and two local bands. They were cool and then both of us had fun too...We slept at Manu’s squat and then the next day we were for a manifestation, a protest at the tribunal on a huge square. Since I am not 100% familiar with what the case was about and who was condemned (cause people came to put pressure on the judge and support their comrade) for how many years exactly, I don’t want to go into details about that. Anyways, it felt good that just by our presence we can somehow support the whole action. We had breakfast there after some succesful hunting and then Miqui brought us to o some short sightseeing that included swimming to. We had a lot of fun and felt pretty good and relaxed the whole day. Int he afternoon we said goodbye to Manu too and left their cosy squat and went to Torello, a small town pretty close to Barcelona. Guys from Addenda (support band from the day before) were there again, however with thier other project (not an actor). The venue was a big garage like place that opened kinda to the fields whit huge cabbages and other veggies. Roger, the promoter, made us cous-cous and some local sweet potatoe, both rocked!!! Not too many people showed up, but there was a friendly environment and what’s more at some point a 50 year old groupie was flirting with our bassist, who still hadn’t know what he go to know from me after the two shows. We were already chillin, eating and chatting with Roger after the shows when some got to know what was not news to others that we had to drive through the whole night for Ponferrada, the place we were supposed to play the next day was pretty far…(i forgott o take my pills against nervous breakdown, so i exploded…hehe). So we drove through beautifl places, but haven’t seen a damn fuck cause we were trying to fall asleep (with the exception of the drivers and co-pilots) and besides that it was pitch fuckin black outside...

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